Wall & Podium Plaques

Most plaque manufacturers only offer a single style or material for plaques; we offer  a wide selection of styles and materials, that will fit into nearly any budget.  Our plaques range from simple, low-cost giclee printed flat plaques (they look great by the way, from a distance they look like 3-D carved plaques) to elegant intricately carved 3-D bas-relief, artist-painted, gold and silver-leaf gilded wall plaques.

We make the following styles of custom and personalized wall and podium plaques:

  1. Carved 3-D bas-relief, 2.5-D multi-level relief, and engraved dimensional plaques that are artist-painted in gorgeous, brilliant colors
  2. Highly polished or antiqued bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel-silver,  24K gold or pure silver plated plaques
  3. Beautiful natural and stained mahogany, cedar, redwood, maple and oak wood plaques  carved in 3-D bas-relief  or V-carved engraved
  4. Economical 2-D acrylic and wood plaques with printed giclee photos or laser-engraved text & art, with engraved brass plates

Prices Vary with Plaque Size, Relief Style, Materials, and Surface Finishes, contact us for a FREE estimate.