Plaques, in contrast with signs, are usually ornamental and decorative, with a minimum of text and emphasis on artwork. Plaques can be used to identify, to provide information, or to commemorate an organization, a person or event. They are usually mounted on walls or podiums inside buildings or ships. However, our plaques can also be mounted on outside walls or monument bases.

Every plaque is individually hand-crafted, made to order to your specifications. Our craftsmen and artisans consider each plaque a unique work of art, and take great pride in producing the very finest custom plaques available. If you can provide us a sketch (no matter how rough), or a drawing or photo of the plaque you want made, we will design and make you a perfect plaque. We do not mass-produce these plaques with molds, and we have no “off-the-shelf” plaques, although we do make “standard” plaques like US Federal government and military plaques with official seals that we have made hundreds of times.


Signs identify or advertise a place of business, a product, or a location, or can post information, a command or a direction (e.g. traffic & wayfinding signs). Signs are usually placed outside a home, a building or on a street post, and are often large. They can be mounted between posts, hung from a beam or scroll bracket, mounted on a monument base, or mounted on a wall or roof.

  • Signs are made for exterior & interior locations, and last 10 to 30 years with little maintenance, with a 2 yr warranty
  • We make sizes from 6 inches to 20 feet wide, and you can order from 1 sign to 1000 signs
  • We use only the very best premium materials, and fabricate them in the USA from American materials and using the finest craftsmanship
  • We have good turn-around times and deliver anywhere in the USA, Canada, and many overseas locations
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